Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring Concert

Tonight was an evening of song, musical instruments, and enjoyable entertainment by our grades one and three students.  In honor of Earth Day, our grade three students played the recorder while our grade one students demonstrated xylophone skills all while singing themed songs.  Thank you to Ms. Petrov for her direction and preparation of our students.  It was another great concert!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Visit from McCall Middle School

This is always a bittersweet day....McCall Middle School visits grade five students.  Mr. Jorge Gonsalves, principal of McCall, came to introduce himself and share McCall specifics with our fifth-graders.  Some of the information included:

*McCall Teams
*McCall schedule
*Extra-curricular activities
*School start time 8:30 am in homerooms - dismissal at 3:07 pm
*47 minute classes
*Lunch routines
*Creation of teams
*Lockers - suggest bringing materials for two classes at a time

Some pertinent student questions included:

*What is the traveling distance between student classrooms?
*Can changes be made to a schedule?
*How do the detentions and tardies work?
*Can you chew gum?
*Do all the teams have the same teachers?
*What is lunch like?
*Can cell phones be used during the school day?
*Can you do homework during lunch period?
*How long is the lunch period?
*How do you place students on a team?
*Is it possible to be on the same team with a friend but never in a class together?
*If the bus is late, will tardies be given?
*Is there recess?
*Are lockers close to your homeroom?
*Do we have to walk in lines?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Technology Safety

Ambrose grades 3-5 hosted Katie Greer, Internet/Technology Safety Consultant, to discuss the importance of saftey when engaging in technology use.  Ms. Greer talked about the many ways in which technology has changed our lives for the better.  Having said this, she also reminded us of the dangers of technology, but she provided us with helpful safety tips and tools.  Some include:
  • Need to be 13 years old to use social media applications
  • Never communicate with any person you do not know especially when using technology
  • Technology has digital footprints, which can be very helpful for retrieving lost data - these same digital footprints can have serious consequences if the technology was not used approrpiately
  • When using technology, we all have choices - let's ensure our choices are smart and safe ones
  • When playing games on technology, set the settings to ensure there are no conversations/interactions with strangers
  • Think carefully about how often you are using technology as engaging face-to-face with people continues to be very important!
Thank you, Ms. Greer!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Ambrose Health Fair

Kudos to Ms. Langley and Ms. Correll for hosting this year’s Health Fair at Ambrose.  In collaboration with Winchester High, several high school students facilitated the important discussions that were had around social/emotional learning.  Messages delivered consisted of how to remain healthy and happy mentally, emotional, and socially.  

How do you take care of yourself when you are sad? Happy? Angry?  Strategies shared included yoga, running, screaming into a pillow, laughing, walking away, and dancing to just name a small few.  

How do you take care of yourself emotionally?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Only One You!

Within the walls of Ambrose, there really is Only One You!  Each of us are individuals offering different ideas, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, experiences, and offerings.  As a unique individual, when you share who you are with others, we are each lucky to experience an Only One You!

Today, our buddy classrooms met with each other to enjoy the book titled, Only One You.  As partners, students drafted fish designs, which is the first phase in an exciting jouney.  Please stay tuned and join us on this journey....we will be back!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Giants in the Sky!

What a show!  Congratulations to our grades 2-5 actors/actresses that auditioned, practiced, and battled two snow days all to put on an amazing performance this week.  Not only were the students well-prepared and consummate professionals, they were engaging, eager, and so excited to perform and it showed in every song, action, and in the great teamwork demonstrated!

Thank you to Suzanne Fisher and Nicole Henning, our parent extraordinaires, along with the many, many parents that set up, cleaned up, sold concessions, sold tickets, and of course, supported all of our students in their performance goals.  Thank you to Rachel Fennel and Kelly Murphy as both Director and Assistant Director.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Grade 5 Students and Winchester High School Students Collaborate

There is nothing better than seeing our Winchester High School peers, some of them former Ambrose students, working closely to mentor, guide, and direct students that are younger than them and once experienced what they are/will be experiencing.  It was a pleasure to welcome Winchester High School students to once again meet with and mentor our grade 5 students.  This particular collaboration's topic was decision-making.  What are perinent things to consider when making a decision and is the decision that is being made one that will allow you to be your best self?  In small groups, our students, led and guided by a high school student, wrote, directed, and executed small scenes that demonstrate best self decision making.  Ambrose grade 5 thanks the Winchester High School students for their guidance, peer modeling, and direction during this year-long collaboration.  Ambrose continues to be proud of the young adults these students are becoming.