Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Fair to Science to Art to....

Another great Book Fair at Ambrose!  Thank you to the many volunteers for making it happen.  Both students and teachers were thrilled with their new books.  Thank you for the generous donations. 

The patterns, colors, and creativity when walking into the art room hit me like a ton of bricks!  Our grade 3 students were fully engaged and enjoyed sharing with me the patterns created and their choice of colors when constructing a weaving.  I found it fascinating to hear how each student completed their planning prior to their execution.  Some students pre-planned their colors and the pattern while others executed with no pre-planning.  Either way, the end result was a weaving full of vibrant colors and creativity.

All the while, grade two students were visiting the Ambrose garden (located next to the Sanborn House) to make observations of a field habitat.  Students looked up, down, and around them to observe what they saw, felt, heard, and smelled.  During the observation process, students generated many thought provoking questions about a field habitat.  Why do clouds move?  Why is there grass and what is grass?  How do animals survive the cold temperatures?  Now this is authentic science in action!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Poetry Comes to Life for Grade 4

Ted Sheu is here!  Ted Sheu is an entertaining and talented poet that is visiting grade four to support each of our students as writers.  Not only does Mr. Sheu enjoy reading his poems outloud, he enjoys generating poems with students right in the moment.  Today's improv poem was about Thanksgiving.  Mr. Sheu had students writing, focusing on specific verbs that make writing come to life, and having students laugh all the while!  Our visiting poet will be at Ambrose for the next two days and the culminating activity is to have students share his/her written pieces.  Let's start writing!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Veterans Day at Ambrose

Congratulations to our grade two students for hosting our annual Veterans Day celebration.  The morning was full of love, great spirit, and deep respect for all of our Veterans.  It was our pleasure to honor and recognize:

Ms. Sarah Langley, Ambrose PE teacher
Mr. Jonathan Paolino, Ambrose dad (grades k, 1, and 3)
Mr. Jeff O'Grady, Ambrose grandfather (grades 1 and 3)
Mr. John O'Brien, Ambrose dad (grade 5)
Mr. John Worsham, Ambrose staff member's father
Mr. Scott Sutherland, Ambrose grandfather (grades 1, 3, and 4)

Thank you for your service, Veterans!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Super Heroes in Kindergarten

A Super Hero visited kindergarten as a rather large web was displayed on the back wall!  Was it Spiderman?!  Come to find out, it was Readerman!  Readerman came, left behind a large web, a thoughtful note, and some colorful tools to assist our kindergarten students while reading....Power Pointers!  A Power Pointer is a colorful tool used to track word-to-word reading.  It proved to be very helpful and we predict the tools will continue to use its powers by being helpful in the future when reading. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ambrose Buddies!

Today was a day when Ambrose buddies connected to enjoy each other's company, engage in conversation to better get to know each other, and to collaborate on a project or two.  I was lucky today to be visiting with Ambrose grades 2 and 4 buddies.  When visiting, grades 2 and 4 classrooms enjoyed a read aloud about kindness and then created their own "kindness sprinkles" that will soon be displayed around the building.  The buddies plan to "sprinkle kindess" by helping each other out if someone is hurt, smile at someone else, lend a hand, and share with others.  How will you sprinkle kindness?